Below are comments from current / past people I’ve done business with.  If you’d like to speak with a more current client I can provide contact information upon request.


“October 2015 I received a follow up call from one of James Brown’s insurance staff following up on a quote I inquired about from the year before. At this time we were getting our house prepared to put on the market and I let her know that we weren’t looking for new insurance, but actually looking to sell. She informed me that James also is in real estate and looking to build his property portfolio. She already had my information and asked if she could pass it on to him for him to contact me to get more information on the property. Of course, I said absolutely! I wasn’t expecting such a prompt connection. Within the hour, James had sent me an email introducing himself and that he was interested in speaking about my house. It was a Friday afternoon and we wound up talking for about an hour, not only about the house, but each others story and really building a relationship getting to know each other. We had set a time for him to come over and look at the house that following Monday. He showed up on time and we spent about hour going through everything. At the end of our conversation, we had shook hands on a price and closed the next month. It was the easiest, most honest transaction ever!!!

We then were looking to purchase another home and had some lending issues. James had told us that he did some personal business and residential loans for individuals in the past. After exhausting all our options, I figured I would ask if he was in the market to do a private home loan. I told him the story of the house we were looking at. He said yes that he would be our lender. Just in a conversation, like in the purchase of our old house, he gave us some options and we came to an agreement and shook hands again. Actually, by this time, I’m sure it was a hug! J We then closed on our new house in late December. Just in time for our baby to born on January 26th.

I have had several conversations on the phone with him and in person. He is a great business man and friend. Most people don’t do what they say they are going to do anymore, James Brown is an honest person of his word! We appreciate and respect him as a person, business professional, father, husband, and friend! Thank you James for being great!!!”

Amanda and Jerad Steel – Burleson, TX Provided March 2017


“As a Realtor I’m always on the go, literally every moment has its task. In spite of the demands I strive to make sure each of my clients feel their time with me is important and their needs handled in a timely manner. As an expert in financing James attention to detail not only adds revenue to my business, but helps me to keep my commitment to those I serve by providing fast, efficient and dependable service.” – Clifton Johnson

December 2016 – Clifton A Johnson, Team Leader/Listing Specialist,  A&M Investments, Fort Worth TX  Facebook Link

Clifton did a mortgage loan with me in order to add an additional rental unit to his portfolio.


The following link will take you to some of the testimonials from a business I recently sold.  I spent just under 20 years in the insurance business first as an Allstate agency owner and then as an independent agency owner.  I was able to work with over 10,000 clients over that time span.   Lone Star Insurance Agency Testimonials.