Residential Properties


A list of the Residential properties is below (keeping scrolling) along with a hyperlink to each with details and pictures.

The only property available is:

2832 FM 731 Burleson TX

I am a local landlord who is actively involved with my properties.  When tenants have an issue they talk directly to me – not middle men or website forms to fill out.   Some of my tenants have been with me for over 15 years.  It’s rare that I get a vacancy.   

All prospective tenants will be subject to a background check that includes: credit report, criminal history and prior evictions report.  These reports are run utilizing Zillow.  In order to be considered for a property you must fill out the Contact Me Page and I will follow up within 24 hours.  

PETS AT ALL PROPERTIES.  – Pets will be considered on an individual basis and must be approved before they are brought to a property (whether inside or outside).  A separate Pet Agreement and Pet Deposit required.  Tenants are not permitted to any pets (not even fish) without prior approval.  If a pet is allowed there is an additional $500 pet deposit due prior to move in.   

NO SMOKING ON PREMISES AT ALL.  – If you are a smoker my properties are probably not for you.  Again, too many people who “only smoke outside” have abused my flexibility.  I may consider renting to a smoker but it must be clear that I won’t allow smoking on the property.  I have had to clean up too many cigarettes from my yards after smokers have moved out.

Renters Insurance – All tenants are required to obtain and maintain renter’s insurance. Evidence of coverage will be required prior to move in.

Tenants must supply their own refrigerator.

Security Deposit – A security deposit equal to one full month’s rent must be paid in advance of move in.   This security deposit may be returned within 30 days of move out depending upon the condition the property is in after move out and whether or not money is still owed to the landlord for the remainder of the lease.

Lease terms are for a one year minimum amount of time.  Longer terms can be discussed.

List of houses- only those mentioned above are available or becoming available. 

126 Noe Burleson TX

2832 FM 731 Burleson TX

540 NW Ann Lois Burleson TX

713 NW Hillery Burleson TX

601 W Trammell, Everman TX

724 NW Douglass, Burleson TX