Residential Properties

A list of the properties is below (keeping scrolling) along with a hyperlink to each with details and pictures.

These properties will be available as follows:

No anticipated vacancies right now. 

All prospective tenants will be subject to a background check that includes: credit report, criminal history and prior evictions report.  These reports are run utilizing Zillow.  In order to be considered for a property you must fill out the Contact Me Page and I will follow up within 24 hours.  

PETS AT ALL PROPERTIES.  – Pets will be considered on a one on one basis.  For the most part, there will be no pets allowed.  Sorry, I am an animal lover too.  However others in the past have abused this matter.  I may consider an exception but you must speak with me FIRST and if I agree there will a separate Pet Agreement and Pet Deposit required.  Tenants are not permitted to any pets (not even fish) without prior approval.

NO SMOKING ON PREMISES AT ALL.  – If you are a smoker my houses are probably not for you.  Again, too many people who “only smoke outside” have abused my generosity and flexibility.  I may consider renting to a smoker but it must be clear that I won’t allow smoking on the property.  I have had to clean up too many cigarettes from my yards after smokers have moved out.

Renters Insurance – All tenants are required to obtain and maintain renter’s insurance. Evidence of coverage will be required prior to move in.

Tenants must supply their own refrigerator.

List of houses- only those listed above are available or becoming available. 

126 Noe Burleson TX

2832 FM 731 Burleson TX

540 NW Ann Lois Burleson TX

713 NW Hillery Burleson TX

601 W Trammell, Everman TX

724 NW Douglass, Burleson TX