544 NW Ann Lois Burleson TX 76028 – For Sale


Please do not stop by to look at this property.  It is currently

occupied by tenants who are great.

Sorry, I don’t have current pictures of this property.

  • 544  NW Ann Lois Burleson – 2017 data

Total expenses $10,766.18  (taxes 3064.18 / insurance 1077.00 / bathtub 500.00 / NEW roof $6625.00)  

Total rents $13,500  (rents were 1100 per month for part of the year, rents are now 1250.00 per month)

2018 projected expenses total 5000.00 (property taxes and insurance and a little bit for miscellaneous)

2018 projected income $15,000

2018 projected net income $10,000.00

1252 square feet


Sales price $160,000   – Based on no real estate sales commissions.   Buyer could have any related documents (survey, etc.) I was provided upon purchase. I’m not sure what I got, I simply don’t remember.

This property has an established tenant (family with 2 children) who love the house and do not want to move.  They are very low maintenance and pay perfectly (ACH).